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Cavallo Saddle Pads

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Western Saddle Pad

All purpose Saddle pad with high integrity foam that remains thin to provide more room for your horse to move It provides cushion and support for the muscular system. 

This pad contracts at pressure points and fills up gaps, easing saddle fit discrepancies.  Measures 30" x 32"

Cavallo Saddle Pad

Built up Front

The range of Cavallo saddle pads are fully reversible. Foam on one side and wool on the other.


Saddle Pads

The Cavallo Saddle Pads include PE Poly Fibre Panels to provide the perfect fit between the horse and rider.


Barrel /Endurance Saddle Pad

The cavallo saddle pads are shaped to your horses top line, allowing ample wither space.

The barrel / endurance pad is shaped for the smaller saddles 28.5 " x 34" tapering to 22".